already in love with your dog
always jammin' to Spotify
an avid netflix binger
a thrift shop ~connoisseur~
a lil travel bug
so happy you're here :)

So you made it this far... Already love you for that! I just wanted to throw out a very cliffnoted background of myself so here goes: As of last year, I am a Richmond gal + LOVING IT. My family means the absolute world to me + my friends are an incredibly close second. I am a total sucker for vanilla iced coffee, another pair of shoes I know I do not need, anything Binge Worthy on Netflix, + my perfectly adorable nieces. My dog Maia ("Maya") is LITERALLY the love of my life + I shower her with pupcups from Starbucks.. probably a little too often. Traveling is something I thoroughly enjoy doing so keep an eye on those 2022 travel dates if you want to book a shoot with me while I am out + about! 

Now, the reason we are BOTH here - PHOTOGRAPHY. I guess the best place to start is stating that this job rarely feels like a job to me. I wake up excited to go to work because it's not only a job, but also my *greatest* passion. The craziest thing is that I had no idea getting a camera would lead me to this. Any of this. Having the opportunity to be a part of these timeless moments is not only an honor I marvel at constantly, but also a responsibility I never ever take lightly. When you really think about it, photographs are just stories. You should have someone behind the camera that will capture yours the way you have always imagined it would be told. You deserve someone who cares + will put their entire heart + soul into telling that story.  As your photographer, I can assure you I will do just that + much more. 


Im leah!

hey friends,